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Wireless Net Connections, Inc (DBA Network Communication and Consulting).
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Located in Edinburg, Texas. Supporting the Rio Grande Valley Area, with a customer base from Eagle Pass to Browsville and Austin to Hidalgo, Texas.


WiNC/NCC staff combines over 50 years in the computer support fields, telecommunications, and software design. Members bring diverse experience managing IT departments and projects from fortune 100 companies to development of utilities for small, local businesses. WiNC's services not only include the support for customers' existing software and systems, but also development and design of new solutions. This helps WiNC's staff see from the eyes of the actual users of the products. They understand what other groups get wrong. WiNC has a good deal of experience developing specific solutions for each unique customer and user to maximize the use of Information Technology for large and small setups.

Qualifications and Expertise

WAN and LAN design and implementation.
Network/Internet security assessment and compliance.
Linux and UNIX Setup, implementation support and maintenance.
Tear 2 ISP, Provision T1 and up access. Hosting to valley customers.
Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Setup, implementation support and maintenance.
MS Office training and support.
MS Exchange Setup, implementation support and maintenance.
Web site design.
Wireless (microwave) design and Point To Point installation services.
Fiber Optic and Copper Networks and cabling
System Integration
System Migration

Members of WiNC staff have years of experience managing sizable teams of engineers, technicians, programmers for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Zenith, and Delco Corp. for computer maintenance, network design and configuration, project management that included development of new systems, collect production line test data via web-based applications and more.

WiNC has experience negotiating contracts between customers and third-party vendors, and has also negotiated contracts as a software developer, giving WiNC insight into both sides of the table. This will help ensure that the projects will get competitive rates for development and maintenance.

Members of WiNC staff have experience writing grant applications to fund annual capital and renovation campaigns, along with general operations support for various educational systems, including elementary and secondary catholic schools. WiNC also has set on the development committee of the Arch Dioceses of Brownsville’s new high school in San Juan, TX, and the former Director of the American Red Cross’s Communications Committee for the Upper Valley Chapter.

WiNC staff has certifications including computer science degree from Rice University, Cisco Certified CCNP, Microsoft MCP, Microsoft MCSE, and Linux LPIC level 2.

Since WiNC lives and breaths in the competitive business world, its contacts, experience, and versatility will help bring about the most flexible and appropriate solution to each problem. The programming staff has developed with programming languages such as SQL, PHP, Perl, Python, XHTML, XML, C, C++, Java, Scheme, Visual Basic & VBScript, Prolog, and even assembly languages for various architectures. Other WiNC staff complements the normal programmer skill-set with security and network specialists. They have performed forensic analysis of compromised systems, audited security exploits in lab environments, and coordinated with the FBI to track down the sources of attacks. The development of a secure public system will require all these skill-sets working together.
A few illustrative software examples are:
Vida Project (Valley Initiative for Development and Advancement):
Successful design, Management and implementation of the Centralized Clinical Scheduling System (CCSS project), working with all parties involved in a large school/hospital integration database system for program and student schedule, with intelligent auto-schedule. This system was a grant provided by the Department of Labor and details may be found at http://ccss.vidacareers.org

Grande River Communications: Network Infrastructure Inventory System.
Members of WiNC staff worked with and for GRCI and its parent company, Valley Telephone Cooperative, to develop an interactive system that tracks the individual components and devices on their statewide fiber and telephone network. The system can receive orders from sales staff, reserve resources throughout the network to facilitate the implementation of circuits, schedule technicians and work orders, track implementation progress, and warn of network junctions needing expanded capacities. Reporting capabilities provide new levels of detail and control to all levels of the organization. Writing the specifications was a two-month process that required meeting with network technicians, the board of directors, and every level of management in between. The system was designed and built as a web application to allow use from anywhere on their network.

Long Chilton: Billing System.
Members of WiNC staff worked with the valley-wide accounting firm to develop a billing system capable of pulling data from several 3rd party applications. Specifications focused on producing the nuanced output the customer desired from of the various data stores they used, including MAS 90, Microsoft Access systems, and others. The system also provided a new way for their internal staff to record their time to optimize the entire billing process.

Chequesrebotados.com: Credit Reporting System
WiNC developed a web application for tracking financial data throughout parts of Latin America. Users of the service can query the system for information regarding customers’ credit histories.

Abanto Corp: Import / Export Load tracking system.
MySQL and PHP based system to track loads for its various offices in the US and Mexico from source to destination for uptodate information to its customers.

In general, specifications are more than just a list of reports and user-screens. Web-based development requires auditing for software vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer-overflows, escape-character insertion, and many other commonly exploited attacks. Specifications must be designed with these concerns in mind from day one to prevent delays and cost overruns later. Applications that don't use web interfaces still have their share of security concerns. WiNC has successfully hardened many existing systems against these types of attacks.

WiNC has worked with the spectrum of database products. Systems like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and various Oracle systems are used everyday by WiNC customers. This gives WiNC insight into the strengths and limitations of each product. Scheduling systems are ubiquitous, and each organization has different needs. WiNC staff has developed schedulers for different uses, and understands the complexities involved. Optimization problems have a habit of becoming hard problems in the real world, frequently requiring approximations of the optimal to avoid more computationally expensive approaches. Knowing when to apply what algorithm is important in the design of scheduling/optimization systems.


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