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A time data entry web interface frontend for QuickBooks. Written in perl for our own use with many features.
  • Accessibility from anywhere via your web browser
  • Uses Open Source MySql database and Perl.
  • Easy to use with Import and Export functions to and from QuickBooks.
  • Simple and efficient.Supported on Linux and MS Windows, may run on any system where MySql and Perl runs on.
  • Create invoices directly from timer data, including parts.
  • Pull down menus, for ease of use and data integrity.
  • Pre-search to filter just a few entry options on customers and parts.
  • Filtered export, full entry editing, automatically time calculation, email to Client.
  • Hours worked Stats to keep track of weekly and monthly billing goals.

And many more....

  • We use it ourselves and are always looking to make it better and easier to use.

    Other Services: Demo:
    Hosted application, if you don't want to worry with setting up and maintaining a server, we can host the application for you.

    We offer:

    • Secure File Copy (3DES 128 bit encryption) for your file transfer.
    • Daily data backup.
    • Import or export as many times as you need.

    Contact us:

    (956)-380-3536 Office
    (956)-380-6220 FAX
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    Click for full working demo

    To see the administrator functions use:
    username = jon
    password = timer

    To use it as a normal user.
    username -= jane
    password= timer



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